Golang Gotcha

A few days ago, I ran into a Go gotcha which took me a while to figure it out. Basically, I have the following code that prints out an item from a list of integers. The item is being closed by a function closure inside the for loop.

As you can see, this code looks perfectly normal for a Go beginner like me.

Apparently, it was wrong because the temporary variable, v used in the for loop is being reused by the loop itself for Every iteration. If you ran the code, you would get 7 three times. It looks like the closure picked up the variable whose value is 7 at the end.

To fix this issue, the solution is actually very simple. You can simple re-declare the v inside the loop which shadows the v declared by the for loop although this approach might harm readability a bit.

v := v

Alternatively, you might be better off do a this, vcopy := v.

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